Student Research in RMU

  • Syed Arshad Sabir Dean Faculty of Community Medicine & Public Health, Rawalpindi Medical University


Nowadays talking Research is most fashionable and intending for research is very frequent in all circles including faculty, medical students, students of Allied Health Sciences and Nursing’s in RMU. It’s because research credit enhances one’s capacity for promotions, postgraduate admissions, getting jobs in addition to gaining praise among colleagues and fellows. Research is a supreme human quality. All queries & challenges to human mind are addressed through research process. Research is an ongoing phenomenon and is essence of human development. Research produces knowledge and knowledge is power of development in every field. Our domain of work is medicine whose primary purpose is t improve health status of the people. The variety & quality of approaches we employ today for protection, promotion and restoration of health if impaired, are all because of research endower. Universities are factories which process human minds so as to produce scientific knowledge. Inculcation of research attitude & practices at all levels and in all circles is an obligation of academia of the university. Students being center of energy stand first for such acquisitions. Hence research opportunities should be available to all intended researchers but under consideration of their core capacity, research capacity, need and their other obligations. Although Research idea originates in mind and proposal writing just needs a pencil & paper but under taking research requires some things more. There are certain requirements for being a Researcher otherwise one’s work and findings would not be of quality and acceptable standards.

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