Immunization Status of Children and Its Association with Maternal Education

  • Muhammad Ahmed 4th year Medical Student, RMU
  • Maria Sharif 4th year Medical Student, RMU
  • Ali Sufyan 4th year Medical Student, RMU
  • Mudassir Sharif Bhatti Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, RMU
  • Rai Muhammad Asghar3 Dean of Paediatrics, RMU
Keywords: Immunization status, Vaccination, Maternal Education


Background: The Expanded Programme on Immunization was implemented in Pakistan in 1978 in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF. Pakistan being a developing country is still struggling to meet its goals. Educational status and knowledge of the mother has a key role in the success of immunization programme.
Objective: To assess the immunization status of children and the impact of maternal level of education on the immunization status of children between the ages of 15-36 months at RMU Allied Hospitals.
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted on 380 respondents visiting Outpatient Department of Paediatrics, RMU allied hospitals. Mothers of the children of age group 15-36 months were included in the study via non-probability consecutive sampling technique and were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Statistical data was analyzed using SPSS version 23.
Results: 303 (79.7%) of the children were fully immunized, 66 (17.9%) were partially immunized and 11 (2.9%) had not received any immunization. 115 (68.04%) children of illiterate mothers, 145 (87.7%) children of mothers with education up to matriculation and 43 (93.47%) children of mothers with higher education were fully vaccinated.
Conclusion: Vaccination status of children presenting at RMU allied hospitals was quite satisfactory. Mothers who have attained a higher degree of education are more likely to completely vaccinate their child as compared to those with a lower level of education or those who are uneducated.

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