Flipping the Training in Health Professions Education

  • Tabassum Naveed Department of Medical Education,HITEC-IMS, Taxila Cantt
Keywords: Faculty training methods Faulty training, Flipped classroom


Background: To study the flipping  or inverted method of teaching in health professionals involved in medical education

 Method: A cross sectional study was conducted to collect data about perception of faculty regarding flipped method as a faculty training method. Convenient method of sampling was done to collect data from 31 participants. Specific objective for this purpose was to determine if there was a significant difference from the normal in perception of faculty trained by flipping the classroom? We hypothesized that there will be a significant difference in perception of faculty trained in a flipped classroom as compared to normal. The average score on the questionnaire was taken as a reference for normal.

Results: The results of the study were statistically significant at 95% confidence interval, t (30) = 7.43, p = 0.000<0.05.

Conclusion: Faculty had a positive perception about flipped method of training. This method is useful and feasible for faculty training

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