Total Knee Replacement –Histopathological Patterns

  • Ammara Ijaz Department of Pathology, Benazir Bhutto Hospital and Rawalpindi Medical Colleg, Rawalpindi
Keywords: Total knee replacement, Osteoarthritis, Joint


To determine the frequency of
different degenerative joint diseases and their
morphological changes seen in total knee
replacement specimens.
Methods: In this descriptive study total knee
replacement specimen of 130 patients undergoing
bilateral or unilateral knee arthroplasty were
included. All specimens were received in 10%
formaline fixative and routinely processed and
stained with haematoxylin and eosin (H&E).These
were examined microscopically and various
histological patterns were evaluated.
Results: A total of 130 cases of total knee
replacement specimen were evaluated. The age
range was 43-81 years. The most frequent finding
was osteoarthritis which was in 121 cases, 8 cases
were of rheumatoid arthritis and one of gouty
Conclusion: Osteoarthritis with female
predominance is the most common pathological
finding amongst various patterns.

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