Integrating Science and Art of Medicine

  • Nadeem Ikram Consultant Hematologist


The art of medicine and science of medicine are not
antagonistic but supplementary to each other. There
are both important differences and similarities
between science and arts . Art rediscovers , generation
after generation , what is necessary to humanness .
Basic elements of art, according to Aristotle , are
symmetry, proportion and an organic order of parts in
united whole. True art is moral. It seeks to improve life
and not to debase it. Even artistic modes needs
scientific evaluation .Art does not mean wandering in
the wilderness. By enlarge medical professionals try to
use and construct all these artistic needs in the human
body and soul. It is naïve to say that art does badly
what science does well, or the contrary. Illness,
disease, and medical context provide the mixture of
emotion, drama, irony, humour, blood and gore which
is grist to the mill of the novel, play, film and a TV
serial. Medicine and art have a common goal to
complete what nature cannot bring to a finish, i.e., to
reach the ideal, to heal creation. This is done by paying
attention. Physician attends the patient, artist attends
the nature. Art like medicine is not an arrival. It’s a
search. That is why medicine by itself is called an art.
Being a doctor, considered as a species of logic and
rationality, need not to be frightened by the art, as if it
is some thing superfluous. Oscar Wilde said very
rightly “Life imitates art far more than the art imitates

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