Incidence of External Ear Canal Folliculitis

  • Mohammad Iqba Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery, Bannu Medical College Bannu
Keywords: Ear canal, Folliculitis, Otoscopy


To analyze the incidence of External
Ear Canal Folliculitis (EECF) in adult population of
district Bannu.
Methods: In this descriptive study 100 patients
with ear ache, presented in four quarters of the year
were included. Complaints, and findings on physical
examination including otoscopy results, diagnosis
were recorded. Inclusion criteria was adults (18+)
with ear pain as a major complaint. We included the
cases with another major complaint only when it
was related to the ear pain (e.g. referred pain from
sinusitis, tonsillitis).Exclusion criteria was antibiotic
treatment in the last 10 days was marked as
exclusion criteria. Both the rates of external ear canal
folliculitis and the rate of Non-external ear canal
folliculitis were compared. We also subdivided the
different diagnostics under the title "folliculitis
channel of the non-outer ear." The prevalence of the
external ear canal folliculitis diagnosis was
calculated, including subdivisionby sex and age
groups, by location in the ear canal including
posterior vs. anterior and by the quarters of the year.
Results: 35% of cases represented EECF were
included. The ratio of male to female was observed
3: 2. The condition was maximum in 2nd& 3rd quarter
of the year where as it was minimal in 1st and 4th
quarters. Earache in adult patients was the most
common principal inflammation, which is generally
termed as EECF.
Conclusion: Different factors are being involved
in its prevalence including poor hygiene, over
crowding, bath in a contaminated water, hot
weather, ear wax and lack of specialized care. Since
treatment is only possible upon clinical diagnosis,
doctors will likely be more reserved about oral
antibiotics if EECF can be diagnosed appropriately

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