Domestic violence in Rawalpindi

  • Romana Malik PM&DC
  • Muhammad Hammad
  • Nasim Irshad
  • Babur Rashid Chughtai
  • Riffat Masood
  • Mohammad Asif shahab
Keywords: Violence, torture, society and domestic.


Objectives: To study the prevalence of domestic torture in Rawalpindi.

Study design: Retrospective, cross-sectional.   

Place and duration of study: DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi, from 1st January 2016 to 31st Dec 2016.

Material and methods: Record of Medico-legal cases of domestic violence was obtained from DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi. Analysis of all the domestic torture cases regarding age group involved, injury pattern, pregnant/non-pregnant victims, urban/rural distribution and culprits were done. 

Results: A total of 118 cases of domestic torture reported at the DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi. All the victims were females, 110 cases of blunt trauma and 8 cases of firearm injuries reported. 12 females were pregnant, the most common age group of victims was 20-30 years, and 113 cases belonged to urban areas as compared to only 5 cases of rural area.    

Conclusion: Effective legislation, strict implementation, awareness among public and speedy trial is required to control cases of violence in the society. 

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