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Perception of Medical Students Regarding Case Based Learning

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Tabassum Naveed , Naveed Mazhar Bhatti , Romana Malik TN , NMB , RM. Perception of Medical Students Regarding Case Based Learning. JRMC [Internet]. 2018 Jan. 21 [cited 2023 May 29];21(3). Available from:


Background: To determine perception of first year
medical students about Case Based Learning (CBL)
in a modular curriculum.
Methods: In this cross sectional quantitative study
convenient method of sampling was used to collect
data from seventy-nine participants on a reliable
survey tool (Cronbach alpha reliability=.87). Ethical
approval was obtained and consent for the study was
taken from study participants. The data was
analyzed on SPSS version 22.
Results: The eight questions asked in the survey
yielded a statistically significant result with
Friedman’s chi square=85.84 (df=7) p=.000<0.5, for
perception of students in CBL session. We accepted
the alternate hypothesis.
Conclusion: Most of the students agree that CBL is
useful. It promotes group discussions, interpersonal
skills, feedback by students and teachers and helps
them to correlate clinical data.