Morphological Profile of Ovarian Tumours

  • Bilquis Begum Department of Pathology, Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi
Keywords: Ovarian tumours, Surface epithelial tumour,, Teratoma


Background: To study the morphological types of
ovarian tumours .
Methods: In this descriptive, cross sectional study
all consecutive specimens of ovarian tumours . Gross
examination was done, representative sections taken,
processed and paraffin embedded blocks made.
Sections of blocks were taken by microtome and the
prepared slides were stained by H&E stain and
examined under the microscope. Results obtained
were analyzed according to age and tumour type.
Results: A total of 182 cases of ovarian neoplastic
lesions were reported, out of which 67.6% were
benign while 32.4% were malignant tumours.
Surface epithelial tumours were the commonest and
constituted 49.2 % followed by germ cell tumours
20.3 %, sex cord stromal tumours 18.6 % and
metastatic tumours 11.9 %. Mucinous tumours were
more common than serous tumours. Among the
benign category, mature cystic teratoma was the
commonest.Benign tumours were more common in
young females while incidence of malignant
tumours increased with the advancing age.
Conclusion: Benign ovarian tumours are more
common than malignant ovarian tumours. Among
the surface epithelial tumours, mucinous tumours
are the commonest in our study followed by germ
cell tumours. Recognition of border line tumours is
very important because such patients need close
follow up.

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