Histologic Effects of Carbonated Drinks on Regenerating Buccal Mucosa of Albino Rats

  • Ayesha Fahim Department of Anatomy, Postgraduate Medical Institute , Lahore
Keywords: Carbonated drinks, Buccal mucosa, Wistar rats


Background: To assess the effect of carbonateddrinks
on regenerating buccal mucosa.
Methods: A circular wound of 3.0mm was created
on the buccal mucosa of 24 Wistar rats and they were
divided into two groups. Animals in group-1 were
fed with chow pellet and water while those in group-
2 were fed with a randomly selected carbonateddrink
instead of water. Six animals from each group
were sacrificed at 3 and 14 days. Wound site was
histologically assessed for differences in the
regenerating epithelium and submucosa;
inflammatory cell count and neovascularization
between two groups.
Results: There was marked difference in the
pattern of regenerating epithelium between the
groups. Animals in group-1 showed a normal
regeneration of stratified squamous epithelium at
day-3 with significant inflammatory reaction in the
submucosa. In group-2 however, there was a delay in
epithelial regeneration; with only a two-cell thick
layer of epithelium covering the underlying tissue
and an altered healing phenomenon at the end of the
Conclusion: Consumption of carbonated-drinks
can disrupt oral wound healing process. Studies
suggest that low pH of drinks could have
detrimental effects on the oral microbiota, inhibiting
neutrophil recruitment in the wound area; thus
delaying epithelial regeneration at day-3 and
subsequent wound healing of the buccal mucosa.

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