Impact of COVID-19 on Ophthalmologists

  • Wajeeha Rasool Eye Department, BBH, RMU
  • Kanwal Zareen Abbasi Ophthalmology department, 'Hazrat Bari Imam Sarkar (HBS) Medical College Islamabad
  • Maria Waqas Ophthalmology department, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi
  • Misbah Munshi
  • Rehmah Sarfraz
  • Fuad A K Niazi


Objectives: To determine the effects of COVID 19 pandemic on the professional lives of ophthalmologists

Methods: This cross sectional survey was conducted for 6 months in late 2020 and used google forms for data collection.

Results: Total 68 respondents gave their likert response for each of the 20 statements. No. %, median, mode and interquartile range, of all respondents likert sentiment for each statement, were calculated. Survey results showed general, ‘consent and consensus’.

Conclusion: Covid-19 has influenced professional lives of ophthalmologists.


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