Comparison of Ondansetron & Dexmedetomidine for Prevention of Post Spinal Shivering

  • Sumbal Rana Holy family hospital
  • Faisal Wahid
  • Ali Arslan Munir
  • Syed Ehtesham Haider Naqvi
  • Zahoor Iqbal Mirza
  • Sohail Raziq
Keywords: Shivering, spinal anesthesia, Dexmedetomidine, Ondansetron




Spinal Anaesthesia is a major component of Anaesthetist's tool set and is widely used in Anaesthesia practices. A frequent problem encountered after spinal Anaesthesia is shivering caused by hypothermia. Incidence is 10-40%, if no prophylactic measures are taken, in different studies conducted on this topic. Hypothermia during intraoperative period is caused by different causes like  cold ambient OR temperature, cold IV fluids, unhumidified cold inspired gases, body cavity exposure, extremes of age and prolonged procedures. Shivering occurs because of vasodilation caused by inhibition of vasoconstriction by spinal Anaesthesia and altered perception from anaesthetized dermatomes. Shivering has an array of adverse effects including increased workload for cardiopulmonary system , poorly tolerated by patients at extremes of age. A number of drugs have been studied for shivering.


To compare efficacy of Dexmedetomidine and ondansetron for prevention of shivering under spinal Anaesthesia

Setting: AFIU 

Study design: Randomized quasi experimental study 

Study duration: 03 months 

Materials and Methods: 

The selected patients were randomly allocated to any of the two groups  with 50 patients each, according to computer generated random numbers. Both groups recieved study drugs after spinal Anaesthesia.

Ondansetron group, 0.1mg/kg (groupO) and Dexmedetomidine group 0.1mcg/kg (group D). Patients were scored for shivering at scheduled intervals and rescue doses of Pethidine were given for severe shivering not responding to study drugs.


Our study in group O had high mean shivering scores at scheduled intervals as compared to group D 


Dexmedetomidine provides better control of shivering than Ondansetron










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