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Depression and anxiety in glaucoma patients using mono drug therapy vs polydrug therapy

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Tahir A, Ahmed MW, Khan S, Zafar O, Sarfraz MH, Tarar MS. Depression and anxiety in glaucoma patients using mono drug therapy vs polydrug therapy . JRMC [Internet]. 2023 Jun. 24 [cited 2024 Jun. 25];27(2). Available from:


Objective: To evaluate the frequency of depression, anxiety, and stress scores among glaucoma patients and assess factors attributing to severe scores.

Methodology: This Analytical, Cross-sectional study was conducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology from June 2020 to July 2021. Data was collected through nonprobability consecutive sampling. Individuals with diagnosed primary open-angle glaucoma were selected irrespective of age and gender. Dass-21 (self-assessment scale) was used in Urdu to document patient scores for anxiety, depression, and stress.

Results: The frequency of males (n=204, 54%) and females (n=173, 45.8%) in the two groups was almost the same (p=0.164). The mean age in the mono-drug group (mean= 48.81±10.58 years) was slightly lower than the polydrug group (mean=53.67±11.16years) (p=0.000018). Overall depression score of the sample fell in the severe category (score=21-27), with individuals showing more depression scores in the poly group (n=99, 26%) than in the mono drug group (n=76, 20%) (p=0.000002). Individuals on polydrug therapy showed severe scores for depression, anxiety, and stress.

Conclusion: Among the glaucoma patient, those on polydrug therapy have higher incidences of anxiety among young patients and depression among older patients. This not only causes poor compliance to treatment but also increases the risk of progression of glaucoma hence augmenting the crippling effects of the disease.

Keywords: Depression, anxiety, DASS-21, Glaucoma


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