Comparison of Efficacy of Febuxostat with Allopurinol in Lowering Serum Urate Levels

  • Muhammad Osama Osama Department of Nephrology, Holy Family Hospital and Rawalpindi Medical University;
Keywords: Febuxostat,, Allopurinol, Hyperuricemia


To compare the efficacy of Febuxostat with Allopurinol in lowering serum urate levels
Methods: In this randomized controlled trial a total of 60 patients with hyperuricemia above 18 years of age were included. Thirty patients were given Allopurinol and 30 patients were given Febuxostat for 4 weeks. Hyperuricemia was defined as serum uric acid level of greater than 6mmol/L. Uric acid was measured at 2 and 4 weeks from start of treatment. Chi-square test was applied to compare the efficacy of drugs among the two groups.
Results: After 4 weeks of therapy uric acid reduced to <6mg/dl successfully in 42/60 patients (70 %) . In Febuxostat group 26/30 (86.7%) patients responded to treatment with uric acid levels <6mg/dl while in Allopurinol group 16/30 (53.3%) patients showed uric acid <6mg/dl with a significant p= 0.005 . Febuxostat was effective in 22/25 (88%) of male (mean age 57.50 ± 8.695years) and 4/5(80%) of female(mean age 57.75 ± 8.578 years)patients while Allopurinol was effective in 12/23 (52.2%) of males (mean age 56.33 ± 11.758 years ) and 4/7 (57.1%) of females (mean age 54.25 ± 8.770 years ) .
Conclusion: The efficacy of treatment was significantly higher in Febuxostat group as compared to the Allopurinol group

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