Factors Affecting Career Choices of Newly Admitted and Graduating Medical Students

  • Naushaba Malik Departement of Radiology ,Punjab Employees Social Security Institute Hospital,Islamabad
Keywords: Career Choice, Students, Medical


To assess factors affecting career choices of newly admitted and graduating medical students .
Methods: A cross sectional study was carried out in four private medical colleges of Islamabad. Two hundred students of first and final year were selected for this study. Data was collected by using self-developed questionnaire after extensive literature review by the researchers. Questionnaire was pilot tested. Data was analyzed by using SPSS v. 16.0.
Results: Study results indicated mean age 21.13 years (± 2.48), 101 (53.72%) males and 87 (46.28%) female. Majority (96.80%) were unmarried., 51.10% (96) MBBS first year and 48.90% (92) in final year students. Although medical specialties remain of overall highest preference of all medical students but male students preferred surgical specialty as first choice as compared to female students. Study results revealed that interest and motivation to help others were main factors to affect choice of a particular specialty. Students of both gender and years agreed with the influence from a mentor/teacher, however male students thought expected income (51) and good working atmosphere (74) are main factors affecting careers. Among social factors parent’s choice or wish, having doctor in the family and personal interest were highly associated with career choice (p-value less than 0.05).
Conclusion: Factors affecting on career choice should be identified and managed timely.

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